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Need A Septic Pumping?

If it has been more that 3 to 5 years and you are unable to flush or do laundry with out waste water coming back up somewhere. Chances are that you need our septic tank pumping service.

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We Found The Solution

Recently we received a call from a customer in North Port. Water was coming back up and they couldn’t figure out why. They started to think the drain pipes we’re clogged, then later they thought it might be the main line to the septic. They tried a plumbing solution to unclog drain pipes, next a snake router (also called a “plumbing snake”) and that didn’t work either.

Finally they called us and we came out and pumped out the septic tank. It was full. Had not been pumped since the house was built 10 years prior. The only reason it lasted so long was there was only one person there most of the time. After 10 years it was obvious that it just needed a septic tank pumping.

If its been 3 to 5 years or more years and waste water is refusing its downward journey at more that one drain in your home. Save yourself some time and call Elrod Septic Service.

24 Hour Emergency Septic Pumping Service

We have a reputation for getting things done fast when we are called. If you can’t flush, do dishes or laundry, or shower without nasty waste water coming back up the drain and flooding your home then you deserve our best. Still you might not be willing or able to wait until tomorrow or the next business day. Family and/or friends might be coming for that “baby shower”, “football game” or “birthday party. It can’t wait.

That is why we also offer 24 hour emergency septic tank pumping services. When fast just isn’t good enough and you need it done yesterday call us. 

Review – Samantha B says – ✪✪✪✪✪ 5 STARS

Called in a panic on a Saturday night and they were here Sunday morning to pump our septic. Thankful for local business that is quality & professional. Will refer everyone to Elrod in the future!

If you’ve been told your system needs to be replaced and you want a second opinion or a free quote on a New Septic System install – contact us.

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