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Need A New Septic Tank?

Unfortunately, nothing last forever. And that’s true for septic tanks as well. If it’s time to replace your septic tank trust your local experts at Elrod Septic Service.

Our polyethylene septic tanks will do the job and are resistant to the damage concrete septic tanks get from the increased sulfur found in our local soils.

New polyethylene septic tank installations with drainfield

Replacement Septic Systems

We have years of experience removing and replacing cracked, disabled, or malfunctioning septic systems. We take extra care when preparing the ground before installation. It’s shocking what some companies leave behind when they do an install. We’ve seen boulders and huge tree roots, uneven grounds, concrete debris, and more. Installing a long lasting septic system is like building a house. You’ve got to get the foundation right first.

What Reduces The Life Of A Septic Tank?

Septic Tanks should last decades and usually do. However, a few things can shorten the life of your system and include:

  • TREE ROOTS can be the beginning of the end
  • Parking a vehicle or other heavy equipment in your yard on or near the septic
  • Not having your septic pumped regularly (every 3-5 years is recommended depending on family size)
  • Flushing things like kitty litter, cleansing wipes, or paper towels

New Construction Installations

If you are a local contractor or have plans on building a home give us a call. We do lots of new home construction septic systems in the area. North Port is booming with building new homes right now. We are know for our professional work ethic. We know how to keep our word and stick to deadlines.

Review – Serena M says – ✪✪✪✪✪ 5 STARS

Elrod Septic came in and fixed a botched drain field on my new home. There were huge boulders left directly under the drain field that made it impossible for the system to work properly. The owner is very honest, respectful and totally professional. The crew came out and went above and beyond making sure my family and I were comfortable. Words cannot express my gratitude.

If you are looking for Septic Tank Pumping services. We do that too!

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