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Customer Reviews

Lori says her son made the right choice!

I informed my son that my dishwasher, washing machine, and toilets would not drain. After a few attempts at diagnosing the problem and fixing it we came to the conclusion that we had a problem and needed a professional.

I let my son do the research and decide who to use. He looked at over a dozen companies and called 5 of them for quotes. Elrod Septic was tied with another company for the best price. Customer Reviews | Recommends Elrod Septic ServiceElrod had really good reviews on Facebook so he chose them.

I was very happy with the attitude and professionalism

They had someone out there right away. I was very happy with the attitude and professionalism of the young man that came out. It turns out all I needed was a septic pumping. It was full. I purchased the house nearly 10 years ago so I guess I got away long enough. There was also a minor repair that was needed and he had that done in just a few minutes.

My main concern was not having some careless company that would break something and try to charge me to fix it. He was very careful. I’m very happy with my sons choice. They are definitely my choice as well and I would recommend them to anyone.


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